Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bryce Young, Adam Thielen and Rihanna

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Carolina Panthers want to enhance Bryce Young's superpowers

There was an enormous sense of excitement when Bryce Young donned his Carolina Panthers uniform for the first time at the NFL Rookie Premier this weekend. The black and blue outfit looks good on the No. 1 overall selection, but how he performs will be far more important than any style points.

This is all part of the bravado that comes following the draft. But for someone with Young's mindset, it'll be a relief when it's all over and he can focus on the task at hand.

Much has been made about the concerns surrounding Young from a durability standpoint. While it's something that's been seriously considered by those in power throughout the process, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown stated via David Newton of ESPN that there are no plans to restrict the signal-caller from being creative and doing what he does best between the lines.

"You don’t want to take away a guy’s superpower. Being able to have off-schedule plays was a big part of his game [at Alabama]. … As long as you operate within the rhythm and timing of the play, it’ll be all good.’"

Thomas Brown via ESPN

Brown has spent the offseason creating the playbook to Young's specification given how he was their primary target all along. Managing his reps throughout the summer will be an important part of the process, but the former Alabama stud is a quick learner with elite-level processing to match.

These factors should ensure complications are kept to a minimum. And there aren't many better situations Young could have ended up in for the next stage of his football journey.