Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bryce Young, power rankings and too many cooks

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers almost propping up power rankings

As previously stated, it's been a nightmare start for the Carolina Panthers. Nobody thought it would be this bad, especially given the lines that fans were fed by general manager Scott Fitterer about dropping in a quarterback and taking off.

Just four games in, it's clear there is some significant work ahead. Carolina looks like one of the worst teams in football, which is reflected in ESPN's power rankings, with the Panthers dropping one spot to No. 31 in the standings.

When discussing the Panthers' biggest concern, beat writer David Newton focused on the run defense as a complication that needs to be resolved. This is surprising when one considers the complete ineptitude on the offensive side of things.

"For a unit that entered Sunday's loss to Minnesota down three starters, and then lost starting corner Donte Jackson (shoulder) in the first half, the secondary has held up surprisingly well. What the Panthers can't do consistently is stop the run. Only five teams have given up more than their 545 yards rushing. Only four are allowing more than their 4.7 yards per carry. It's constantly keeping opponents in manageable down-and-distance situations that ultimately will impact the back end of the defense."

David Newton, ESPN

This is a bad year for the Panthers not to have a first-round selection. Uninspired would be the best way to describe how things are unfolding in Carolina currently and with trips to the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins on the horizon, a bleak fortnight awaits before the bye.