Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bryce Young, power rankings and too many cooks

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Do the Carolina Panthers have too many cooks?

The Carolina Panthers spared no expense when it came to hiring their coaching staff this offseason. Past and future head coaches were all sought and acquired thanks to Frank Reich's connections and David Tepper's bottomless pit of financial resources, which raised expectations about what this team might be capable of under such an accomplished leadership group.

Of course, it's been difficult to generate any sort of momentum. Injuries aren't helping, but there's a distinct lack of cohesion and confidence - especially on offense - which is holding the team back in a big way.

This was a topic discussed by team writer Darin Gantt, who hinted that there might be too many cooks in the decision-making process. Something that's taking time to mold into a cohesive strategy reflected in Carolina's woeful 0-4 start to the campaign.

"When [Frank] Reich built this staff, he got a lot of credit for assembling an all-star team of coaches. And it was deserved. There are a lot of smart dudes in that room. But there are a lot of them. The United Nations is a good idea, but without interpreters, nothing's getting done in there. My working thesis is that one of the natural outgrowths of Reich's "diversity of thought" is that it takes a minute to turn that into "cohesiveness of thought." And when results don't come quickly, the natural tendency is for everyone to do more, not less. And sometimes doing more isn't always helpful."

Darin Gantt,

There's too much experience and progressive thinking within the coaching roster for things to completely capitulate. However, this could also be a case of Reich not being as accommodating to different ideas as most thought going into the season.