Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bryce Young, power rankings and too many cooks

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Carolina Panthers aggressively looking for WR1 trade

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Carolina Panthers fall into this category after a dismal opening to the campaign, which is forcing the front office to seek yet another bold trade in pursuit of improving their fortunes.

According to Jordan Schultz of The Score via USA Today Sports, general manager Scott Fitterer is working the phones daily to find another weapon for Bryce Young. Not just any weapon, but someone with the talent and credentials normally associated with a true No. 1 option.

"The Panthers, according to sources, are in the market, not only for a receiver, but a top-tier one. What this comes down to is two-fold. No. 1, they know they don’t have enough weapons for Bryce Young. But No. 2, they believe so much in Bryce Young the Panthers do—GM Scott Fitterer, head coach Frank Reich—that they want to go all-in, double down this season. So the Panthers, at 0-4, have actually been competitive—had a couple games they probably could’ve won, should’ve won—are now looking for a No. 1 receiver. I’m told that Scott Fitterer, the GM, is literally on the phone every single day. This is his top priority right now—to go out and get a No. 1 receiver for Bryce Young."

Jordan Schultz via USA Today Sports

Some of the takes and targets fans are touting on social media are borderline delusional. Some go way beyond that.

It's clear Young needs better talent around him. But sacrificing more capital for another veteran is risky in Carolina's current predicament - and No. 1 wideouts aren't generally available in season and wouldn't exactly be thrilled with the thought of joining a team in turmoil.

Trusting Fitterer to make this sort of move given his recent track record is another question mark. This reeks of desperation, so the move better be right if the Panthers manage to strike a deal.