Panthers News: Shaq Leonard, elevations, Week 12 and Donte Jackson

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Donte Jackson
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Carolina Panthers interest in Shaq Leonard?

When the Indianapolis Colts waived All-Pro linebacker Shaq Leonard this week, some sections of the Carolina Panthers fanbase were eager for the organization to make their move. While the contract alone was enough to put every team around the league off from making a claim, there might be some value in signing the veteran to bolster a second-level missing Shaq Thompson through injury.

The topic was discussed by Schuyler Callihan of Sports Illustrated recently. While the writer said putting in a call wouldn't hurt, he didn't see the merit considering where the Panthers are at right now. There's also the prospect of a contending team making an offer to Leonard, which would be far more appealing all things considered.

"As talented as he is, I'm not sure it's worth Carolina's time. In a lost season, the Panthers are better off seeing what they have in the guys already on the roster. Plus, if I'm Leonard, I'm looking for a role on a contending team. With the recent injury history, you don't know how much you have left in the tank and trying to make one more run at a Super Bowl should be his main priority."

Schuyler Callihan, Sports Illustrated

Again, this looks like a pipe dream. There's also the small matter of Leonard's back issues and his obvious regression this season before the Colts eventually cut ties.

Just stick with what's available and re-assess when the campaign concludes.