Panthers news: Steve Wilks, Bryce Young, Julius Peppers and offseason success

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Julius Peppers
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Carolina Panthers offseason moves praised

The Carolina Panthers have gone about their business with quiet conviction this offseason. They have yet to make the splashy moves normally associated with erratic team owner David Tepper. But there seems to be a better structure in place to make gradual improvements.

According to Ari Meirov from The 33rd Team, those around the NFL seem pleasantly surprised with the moves Carolina has made this offseason. However, their success is largely predicated on whether Tepper does enough to stay true to his word and remains an innocent bystander.

"Several league sources gave them credit for how they’ve handled the offseason so far. Hiring Dave Canales and giving him full control over his staff so everyone has an aligned vision was a big change. Carolina also gave him a six-year contract, which is rare for first-time coaches. But it has happened before. On top of that, the Panthers also got praise for the front office they’re assembling. It starts with GM Dan Morgan and Executive VP of Football Operations Brandt Tilis, who came from Kansas City. This structure is similar to what San Francisco has with John Lynch and chief contract negotiator Paraag Marathe. If [David] Tepper is willing to let the football people handle football, some said they could see Carolina turning it around sooner rather than later."

Ari Meirov, The 33rd Team

Fans have been duped by supposedly impressive off-season moves before. Talk is cheap. It's now time for action after so many delusional predictions and false promises that amounted to absolutely nothing.