Panthers news: Steve Wilks, Bryce Young, Julius Peppers and offseason success

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Julius Peppers
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How the Carolina Panthers can help Bryce Young

One of the primary objectives for the Carolina Panthers in the coming months will be finding ways to help Bryce Young. The quarterback is far from a lost cause despite an indifferent rookie campaign. But the need to upgrade everything around him cannot be overstated.

This starts up front with the offensive line. Matt Alquiza from Sports Illustrated also highlighted the need to revamp the wide receiver room with weapons capable of creating separation and making tough catches more frequently.

"It doesn't take an NFL expert to know that changes are coming to this unit. Terrace Marshall's name was mentioned in trade talks leading up to the 2023 trade deadline, and it would be surprising if he's still on the team come week one 2024. Carolina would be smart to spend their first available draft pick on a weapon for Bryce Young, or spend some of their available cap space on a star veteran like Mike Evans or Calvin Ridley. Or both! There is no such thing as too many weapons on an offense, so expect Carolina to take multiple swings at finding Bryce and alpha target this offseason."

Matt Alquiza, Sports Illustrated

The Panthers made a considerable investment in Young. David Tepper famously stated that his point guard capabilities under center meant they could save money on the skill positions. An asinine statement from someone who has no business involving himself in the football operation.

Tepper intends to stay out of roster decisions, or so we hope. This alone should provide a sense of improved optimism that things will be done differently. Something that will be music to the ears of Young and every long-suffering fan.