Panthers News: Tarik Cohen, Jaycee Horn, Brady Christensen and Bryce Young

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Brady Christensen
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Carolina Panthers RB Tarik Cohen's journey

One thing the Carolina Panthers lacked on offense in Week 1 was explosiveness. Something that became synonymous with Tarik Cohen's production before he underwent significant injury troubles over recent years.

At the peak of his powers, Cohen was an All-Pro kick returner and elite weapon in the passing game. His elusiveness was absolutely off the charts, but it remains to be seen how much of this athleticism got lost during extensive and grueling rehabilitation.

When discussing his return to the NFL, Cohen stated that he set the wheels in motion with his home state team after starting to feel more like is old self. The former North Carolina AT&T sensation also praised his family for their unrivaled support via Sports Illustrated.

"I was just running around the house with my son, out in the yard. I’ve been working out and I just started feeling more and more like myself. My old self. So I told my agent call Carolina and see if they could use me. Without my family, I wouldn’t have made it through these two years…They helped me get through my rough moments, so that’s who I’m doing it for."

Tarik Cohen via Sports Illustrated

If Cohen can contribute in any capacity, it would be nothing short of sensational. However, tempering expectations would be the best method to adopt considering he hasn't played a competitive NFL down since 2019 and might take a few weeks to get himself back into genuine football shape.