Panthers News: Tee Higgins, Nick Thurman, 2020 redraft and injuries

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Tee Higgins
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Carolina Panthers linked with Tee Higgins

It's no secret that the Carolina Panthers need to surround Bryce Young with better weapons this offseason. This is the only way they'll find out just what the quarterback might be capable of as their new franchise presence under center.

Going down the draft route is an option to consider. But the glaring need for a stable veteran game-changer at the wide receiver spot is glaring. This would provide immediate assistance from someone with proven production.

Who'll that will be is anyone's guess with more big changes on the immediate horizon. But Shervon Fakhimi from Clutch Points became the latest writer to predict Carolina is going to make a bold bid for Tee Higgins if he hits the open market.

"The Cincinnati Bengals have multiple vessels at their disposal to maintain Tee Higgins. For one, they have the franchise tag, which could prevent a player designated with it from hitting the open market as a free agent. The Bengals themselves have roughly $68 million in cap space, more than what the Panthers have, that they can use to match or outbid any offer that comes their way. That may be true, but the Bengals still are going to have to pay [Ja'Marr] Chase and could potentially get outbid for Higgins depending on the price he fetches. Though the Panthers don't have as much cap space as the Bengals, they should be willing to pay anything they can for Higgins because they are getting nothing from their receiver core."

Shervon Fakhimi, Clutch Points

It would be surprising if the Cincinnati Bengals let Higgins walk for nothing. He's too talented for that and quarterback Joe Burrow needs all his weapons. If he gets to speak with other teams, the Panthers should be the first to pick up the phone.