Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Brian Burns, Jaycee Horn and Chris Tabor

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Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown takes the high road

Frank Reich's decision to take back play-calling duties from Thomas Brown after just three games was met with widespread disapproval from the fanbase and wider media alike. This also led many to speculate whether the head coach's seat was warmer than most envisaged - something he wants to put right by taking control of a bland offense scheme once again.

All eyes were on Brown's weekly meeting with the media on Thursday. As expected, Brown took the high road and remained resolute based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"The one thing a leader does not do is tuck his tail between his legs and find ways to run and hide from conflict or adversity. Stand tall, keeping chopping wood and you find ways to fix problems and help people. That's what it's about. The overall product offensively has not been good enough all year and as a competitor, that pisses me off. The reality is, we have to do a better job as coaches of coaching our players and putting our guys in better spots to have a better product on gameday. And from a player standpoint, when we have opportunities on gameday to make plays, we got to make them."

Thomas Brown via Sports Illustrated

Brown said all the right things, but the disappointment in his body language was evident. Even though Reich stated this won't have an impact on his career prospects moving forward, it'll be one of the first questions asked by any future employers.

The whole situation is a mess. With the Dallas Cowboys and its fanbase set to invade Bank of America Stadium this weekend, more misery awaits unless there's a drastic turnaround in such a short space of time.