Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Bryce Young, Jerry Jeudy and power rankings

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Bryce Young
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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines as those in power continue to assess the wreckage of their 0-6 start at the bye?

Despite the Carolina Panthers being winless through the first six games, there is newfound optimism among the fanbase that better days are ahead. This is a weird way to look at things - especially with no first-round selection to call upon - but the first of what could be many changes seems to have galvanized a once demoralized organization at the best possible time.

Whether this amounts to any genuine improvements remains to be seen. Until then, the stories causing debate include Thomas Brown's offensive philosophy, Bryce Young's determination, where the Panthers stand in ESPN's power rankings, and another insider touts the prospect of trading for Jerry Jeudy.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers remain rock bottom in ESPN's power rankings

After getting off a fast start in Week 6 at the Miami Dolphins, things unraveled quickly. Mike McDaniel's offense put up an astonishing 35 unanswered points, which was unacceptable and a sign of the direction these two teams are going currently.

Another heavy reverse saw the Carolina Panthers remain at No. 32 in ESPN's power rankings. When asked about the main lessons those in power should have taken from the opening six weeks, beat writer David Newton centered his thoughts on what he perceives to be struggles from quarterback Bryce Young.

"History supports this as only once since 1967 has a quarterback taken No. 1 overall had a winning record. So Bryce Young, as mature and advanced as he was advertised, being 0-5 for the 0-6 Panthers is not a huge surprise. Young needs more targets, particularly with speed, and upgrades to the offensive line to become successful -- as has been evident with an offense ranked 23rd in scoring averaging 18.7 points per game."

David Newton, ESPN

Young is actually the least of Carolina's problems based on his encouraging growth of late. But it's clear the rookie signal-caller needs more help in his quest to get this franchise off the canvas.