Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Frank Reich, D.J. Chark and Bryce Young

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Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown's working relationships

The Carolina Panthers offense laid a big goose egg on Saturday, but it wasn't like the first string was in for a long time or the full offensive scheme was being deployed. In fact, head coach Frank Reich revealed that nothing they'll use when competitive action arrives was implemented in Preseason Week 1.

Reich admitted this didn't put his players in the best possible position to thrive, but it is what it is. The lack of execution was the most concerning factor to the equation, which can hopefully improve during Carolina's trip to MetLife Stadium on Friday evening.

When discussing his working relationship with Reich, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was glowing in his praise via the team's website as the cohesion continues to grow. There's a strong bond building, which is allowing personalities to shine through despite the pair coming from different eras and backgrounds.

"I will say this about Frank, man, it's been phenomenal to be around him from day one. Every day, we continue to grow closer together, continue to have great communication, and continue to be on the same page as far as the overall goals. It's the same system for sure, the same plays on the call sheet. When you actually activate them, it's sometimes more personality-driven. I think being able to have that opportunity, that experience, is great for my development, but also so (Reich and I) can be on the same page as well."

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Brown and Reich will split the play-calling duties versus the New York Giants. Expect the same bland concepts with a little extra spice added in the hope it can spark Carolina's mundane offense into life.