Panthers News: Training camp, Jammie Robinson, Cam Peoples and signings

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines with the dust settled on an eventful mandatory minicamp this week?

Jammie Robinson
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Carolina Panthers veteran praises Jammie Robinson

The Carolina Panthers took a chance on Jammie Robinson at No. 145 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. And the former Florida State has been eager to make a good first impression with what he perceives to be a big chip on his shoulder.

Robinson clearly felt slighted about having to wait until Round No. 5 before hearing his name called. However, his transition into the Panthers has been relatively seamless and could be an indicator that immediate involvement is in the offing depending on how things unfold during Carolina's training camp.

The hard-hitting defensive back received a tremendous confidence boost thanks to comments from Donte Jackson, who stated via Sports Illustrated that Robinson's passion and versatility have gone down a storm so far. He also gave a pretty glowing comparison along the way.

"Jammie…pitbull. He's one of my favorite players in the DB room, one of my favorite guys to talk to. He's just football, man. That's the type of stuff you can't teach. He can be a difference-maker early. Like a Tyrann Mathieu hybrid. Just the amount of ball he's able to consume and the amount of positions he's able to play. He can be a good player in the secondary for a long time. He's definitely showing it with how smart he is and how physical he is."

Donte Jackson via Sports Illustrated

Expecting Robinson to be the high-impact performer Tyrann Mathieu was in his prime is unrealistic initially. But if the player keeps working and developing under Carolina's elite-level coaching staff, a prosperous career won't be far behind.