4 Panthers players fighting for a roster spot during the preseason

We look at players on the bubble at guard, wide receiver, cornerback and, yes, quarterback
Carolina Panthers, Shi Smith
Carolina Panthers, Shi Smith / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages
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4. Matt Corral is on the Panthers' roster bubble, but shouldn't be

On one hand, it seems weird that Matt Corral is currently on the Panthers' roster bubble as a third string quarterback, but with Bryce Young starting and Andy Dalton entrenched in the backup position, it makes sense.

Corral was a highly-touted prospect out of Mississippi, in which the Panthers took in the third round last year. He still has plenty of potential to be developed into, at the very least, a solid backup in this league. With Young in Carolina, his dreams of being the team's starter are gone. However, the Panthers could keep him around, show him off during the preseason and even try and trade him later on.

There are definitely a few teams that should seriously consider keeping three quarterbacks on the roster, and the Panthers are one of them. Corral is the reason why. He's a talented quarterback that hasn't really had a shot to prove himself just yet, after missing his rookie season with a foot injury.

Hopefully, he balls out during the preseason so that the Panthers can either keep him as a long-term backup solution, or potentially get some value out of him via trade.