How Carolina Panthers quarterback dynamic is setting the tone for 2023 greatness

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

How is the current quarterback dynamic within the Carolina Panthers setting an early tone for potential greatness during the 2023 season?

Bryce Young's impressive start to life with the Carolina Panthers made the decision to surge him to No. 1 on the quarterback depth chart ahead of the team's mandatory minicamp pretty easy. The player's poise, calm confidence, and command of the huddle have been the biggest positives imaginable, which adds further confidence that he was the right selection from atop the 2023 NFL Draft.

Although we are still relatively early in the preparation process, Young has gained instant respect within the locker room. His meticulous preparation, accuracy, and ability to go through his progressions have come in for huge praise over recent weeks - a trend that can hopefully continue long into the future.

It hasn't been a solo act for Young. Far from it, actually.

The role being played by veteran free-agent signing Andy Dalton has been a critical part of his smooth integration. This is exactly why the Panthers acquired the former TCU standout - to mentor and guide Young and ensure that everything goes as expected both before and during the campaign.

Carolina Panthers QBs working in unison for 2023 success

When discussing the importance of Dalton's presence, the Heisman Trophy winner couldn't have been more complimentary via Augusta Stone from the team's website. Young added that he's also been soaking everything up from the experienced figure in the hope it can assist his own performance levels when the time comes.

"Andy's been amazing. I've been able to throw all my questions at him, bounce a lot of stuff off of (him). He tells me how he processes things, how he sees things. I've had a lot of conversations, and I definitely am grateful for him to be here, to have him here, and to have learned from him, to keep learning from (him) day in and day out. I learn stuff from him every day, whether it's in the meeting room or on the practice field. So I'm super grateful to have him here."

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Dalton will be an overlooked understudy considering the hype surrounding Young. And that's absolutely fine where the 2011 second-round selection is concerned.

He's been in the limelight, achieved considerable success, and has thrown for more than 38.000 passing yards in his career. Taking a back seat at this stage of his professional career is a logical step - one that Dalton accepts with his time as a player soon to conclude.

We'll no doubt find out more about the dynamic within the quarterback room as the summer progresses and during the upcoming Blueprint docuseries, which is already generating genuine buzz. The Panthers also have three nationally televised preseason games, which is thanks in no small part to Young's arrival.

There is an enormous sense of positivity across the Panthers currently. The mood around practice is enthused and the standards are high - something that can hopefully bring about improved results when the regular season arrives.

It won't all be smooth sailing for Young as a rookie. But the Panthers can relax safe in the knowledge Dalton's presence and support are going to assist enormously during times of trouble.

Hopefully, those will be few and far between.