3 Panthers rookies not named Bryce Young who could steal a job in training camp

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  • A receiver who should get his opportunity
  • A raw quarterback destroyer
Panthers, Jonathan Mingo
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Everybody knows the starting quarterback job is Bryce Young's to lose. These Carolina Panthers aren't ignorant. They didn't take him no. 1 overall to let him sit even one game.

Young is the guy.

Beyond Young, though, the Panthers have a fairly strong rookie class that could end up overtaking some of the veterans on this roster. During training camp, which rookies might wind up stealing a job from a veteran ahead of them?

There are three, in particular, that I believe have a good chance of doing so.

1. Chandler Zavala, G

In the fourth round this year, the Panthers drafted North Carolina State guard Chandler Zavala. At the moment, depending on which outlet you check, Zavala is right behind veteran Austin Corbett at right guard. With Corbett being the better starting guard between he and Brady Christensen, it might make sense for Zavala to try playing both guard spots.

If he can get comfortable at left guard, Zavala could have a better chance at beating out Christensen for a starting gig than he would Corbett. Last year, Corbett was actually very solid, especially in pass blocking, and that's an area the Panthers will want to see excel with a rookie quarterback.

On a team like Carolina, Zavala would fit well as a starter purely out of his ability to drive block. He can play in any run scheme, which is great because the Panthers are going to run the ball quite a bit, and that's where he really shines. Should he have a strong start to training camp, there's no reason why Zavala couldn't steal a starting spot if he lined up at left guard.