Every Carolina Panthers fan needs this amazing Starter Jacket

What better way to celebrate the season than with this Homage classic?!
Carolina Panthers starter jacket
Carolina Panthers starter jacket / Homage

Every Carolina Panthers fan needs this legendary Starter Jacket to mark the dawning of a new era under head coach Frank Reich in 2023.

There's been a real sense of nostalgia where the Carolina Panthers are concerned these days. While excitement for the future continues to build, the return of head coach Frank Reich and former top man Dom Capers represents a full-circle scenario for those who've followed the franchise from the beginning.

What better way to celebrate than by purchasing this amazing Starter Jacket, which brings back good memories for many? And, let's face it, the retro look always turns heads.

New Carolina Panthers Starter Jacket from Homage is a must for any fan

Suitable for almost any occasion, the black jacket is distinctive and is sure to get you noticed. With the famous Panthers logo and NFC conference badge on the arm, it's a must-have for any fan of the franchise.

And who could leave out the Carolina Panthers branding on the back? A truly magnificent sight, and everyone will know which team you're rooting for when they see you coming.

The jacket isn't just easy on the eye. It's comfortable and is suitable for almost any weather, making this the perfect garment to celebrate Panthers football returning after a long absence.

This is a potentially prosperous time for the Panthers and the team's long-suffering supporters. With Reich at the helm and Bryce Young under center, this jacket will declare your pride in the team as they look to win the NFC South in 2023.

However, you better act fast. These jackets normally sell extremely quickly and demand is sure to be high for the latest black edition.

Get your Carolina Panthers Starter jacket from Homage today!

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