Carolina Panthers strike to land preferred target for Bryce Young

Bryce Young has another weapon.
Xavier Legette
Xavier Legette / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Morgan isn't one to sit on his hands. While some general managers would have liked their wounds without a first-round pick, this wasn't something that came into his train of thought.

The Carolina Panthers has some decent capital heading into the pivotal selection process. Speculation grew in the days leading up to the draft about whether Morgan would contemplate surging back into the first round for an elite prospect on their board. However, they weren't the only organization aiming to take matters into their own hands.

A flurry of reports suggested trade inquiries higher up the board was more active than ever. Morgan needed to strike with conviction to ensure his goals were met. Thankfully, the front-office leader pulled off a masterstroke of epic proportions to close out Day 1.

Carolina Panthers draft Xavier Legette at No. 32

The Panthers struck a deal with the Buffalo Bills for the No. 32 pick. Just a few minutes later, Carolina selected wide receiver Xavier Legette, who said earlier in the process that he'd spent more time than most with Morgan and head coach Dave Canales.

As expected, the compensation wasn't steep. Morgan coughed up the No. 33 pick and swapped fifth and sixth-rounders for the privilege. However, if Legette turns into the team's physical receiver for the next decade or more, very few will remember what it cost to get him.

Morgan has been aggressive throughout the offseason. He's taken a calculated, ruthless approach to his initial roster construction. This is just the latest huge statement of intent that things are being done differently. If some around the league were unaware of this fact, they should be under no illusions now.

This fills arguably the Panthers' biggest need. Legette is riding on the crest of a wave following a phenomenal final season at South Carolina. Adding him to a wideout room that also consists of Adam Thielen and Diontae Johnson comes with great potential.

After the impression Morgan's made up to now, there needs to be trust attached in both instances. This is not the same shoddy football operation anymore.

As for Legette, he boasts a unique blend of size and athleticism capable of giving opposing cornerbacks nightmares. He operates with a mean streak and route-running intent that should make him an instant fan favorite. The technique could use a little refinement, but the Gamecock prospect has the physical profile that dictates significant improvements can arrive quickly under professional coaches.

This wasn't the rash gamble normally associated with trades under previous regimes. There is no panic associated with the way Morgan goes about his business. Everything has solid reasoning and extreme conviction attached. There is a level of collaboration in the team's thought process that wasn't evident previously. Moving up for Legette didn't require lofty compensation, so it was a gamble worth taking all things considered.

Carolina must immediately turn its attention to Day 2. If the general manager can knock these out of the park - which is entirely possible - it's all systems go.