David Tepper's turned the Carolina Panthers into a global embarrassment

The ridicule has been widespread for Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper this week.

David Tepper
David Tepper / Griffin Zetterberg-USA TODAY Sports

David Tepper's abysmal ownership is bringing global embarrassment to the Carolina Panthers as his methods come under increased scrutiny.

David Tepper has overseen the Carolina Panthers going from a perennial playoff challenger to a joke. His presser in the wake of Frank Reich's removal as head coach was widely criticized, with his refusal to discuss anything in great depth apart from the economic side of things and avoiding reporters who'd ask tough questions another sign of the billionaire burying his head in the sand.

If Tepper was hoping this brief press availability would ease the strain, he was sorely mistaken. Scathing columns and articles remain prevalent and show no signs of slowing down, which is well-deserved ridicule for a man who's taken every wrong turn imaginable since purchasing the Panthers for $2.275 billion.

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper drawing criticism globally

Notoriously outspoken radio host Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo is one of many taking their shot at Tepper via The Spun. And make no mistake, he isn't alone among the national and regional media alike.

"This idiot fires [Frank] Reich after 11 games in his first year because they're 1-10 when he's got no offensive line, gave up the mortgage to get [Bryce] Young. That's not the right thing to do. [David] Tepper, one of these loud mouth guys who made a fortune doing something else, became an NFL owner. Now he thinks he knows everything about the league and he's made these decisions. Again, I wouldn't have hired Reich to begin with, that is the direction he went. Who is going to take that job knowing he's gonna be fired if it gets bad. I wouldn't take it."

Chris Russo via The Spun

Tepper's mismanagement and constant meddling in football matters are an ongoing problem. He cannot see himself as the common denominator in the team's failings, which is likely to bring more turmoil to the Panthers until the penny finally drops.

The hedge fund manager's incompetence has also reached the global stage of embarrassment - and not just from me across the pond. Oliver Connolly of The Guardian - a leading publication in the United Kingdom - launched his own written tirade on Tepper in the immediate aftermath of firing Reich.

"In the latest edition of David Tepper Has No Idea What He’s Doing, the Panthers owner fired coach Frank Reich on Monday. This one is a doozy. Critics are already calling it Tepper’s best work since earlier this month, when he axed Charlotte FC head coach Christian Lattanzio, despite the team making the MLS playoffs. At every turn, when things are going wrong, Tepper’s answer is simple: More Tepper! They say that genius thrives in disorder – or something along those lines. But that presupposes the person has some idea of what they’re doing or where they’re trying to go. Tepper does not."

Oliver Connolly, The Guardian

One thing Tepper obviously hates above all else is having his ego dented. He's a lot like other wealthy owners - James Dolan and Dan Snyder, to be more precise - and putting the Charlotte Business Journal at the center of his presser for a spoon-fed question about his impact in the area was further proof of this exact fact.

Nobody cares about what Tepper's done economically. Nobody cares that he's brought more events to Bank of America Stadium. Nobody cares that he bizarrely took credit for having Lionel Messi grace Charlotte with his presence despite playing for another soccer team.

What Panthers fans care about is having a team to be proud of. Having a team that excites them. Having a team that holds hope for a brighter future. Having a team with the right culture.

Tepper's brought all that crashing to a halt. And the way he's running the Panthers into the ground is bringing more bad attention than ever before.