Examining the 5 biggest financial commitments on the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Brian Burns
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3. D.J. Moore - Former Carolina Panthers WR

  • $14.62 million (dead cap)

Two of the Carolina Panthers' top three cap hits during the 2023 season will be playing for other teams in the conference. While this is far from ideal, in both cases the moves can be defended when you consider how long D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey were on the roster without the team consistently winning.

This is not at all to suggest that two of the best players to wear a Carolina uniform are at fault. But rather point out the importance of the quarterback position.

The Panthers weren't winning anything by sitting back and moving forward with Sam Darnold or hoping that the right quarterback fell their way in the draft. They had to go bold and did so with ruthless aggression.

There is no mistaking this owner's intentions - this was a franchise in desperate need of a quarterback. Moving up in the draft to take Bryce Young at No. 1 overall was a risky move with a high upside that could make this franchise a consistent contender.

Yes, Moore will clearly be missed and was an underrated receiver during his time with the Panthers. However, if this move works and Young is the answer, there is no questioning the move or the consequences of it.