Examining the 5 biggest financial commitments on the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Brian Burns
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5. Taylor Moton - Carolina Panthers OT

  • $13.53 million in 2023

The Carolina Panthers needed to stabilize their offensive line and Taylor Moton is a great piece for the team to build around - well worth the cap hit. There is an argument to be made that perhaps with better offensive lines toward the end of his tenure, Cam Newton's career would have been longer with the organization or Christian McCaffrey might have put up flashier numbers.

There is no questioning that it was a consistent weak spot for the team. As Carolina turns the page, the offensive line is arguably the most important unit with so much invested in rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

Young is used to the comfort that the Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lines offered. He isn't a quarterback that is built to take consistent punishment and this offense must be built around that.

Carolina will need to lean on both the run game and quick passing game early in the season to protect the quarterback from himself as he learns to take hits at the next level. Leaving no question that Moton is well worth the 2023 cap hit.