Grading Carolina Panthers positions on offense after busy 2023 offseason

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Carolina Panthers OL

The Carolina Panthers didn't do much to address their needs along the trenches. However, there were some other quiet moves that will ensure that the team can build upon what was becoming one of the better offensive lines in the league in 2022.

While a player like Cam Erving is understandably a lightning rod for criticism among the Panthers fanbase after his performances as a starting left tackle, there is something to be said for consistency in your backup ranks as well as the mentorship a veteran like that can provide.

Erving's do as I say not as I do approach to coaching can be incredibly valuable for a young tackle like Ikem Ekwonu - a fact that was proven as the rookie lineman only got better as the season went on. This was thanks in large part to the tutelage of the former Florida State standout.

So while re-signing Erving to a one-year deal is not a groundbreaking move as far as the fanbase is concerned, it's a savvy bit of business that will ensure continuity in the position. That's exactly what young players need to grow.

With that said, the team also brought back another former starter as a backup in Michael Jordan to help solidify the depth of the position alongside fourth-round draft pick Chandler Zavala.

  • Offseason Grade: A+
  • A group that just a couple of seasons ago was considered the NFL's worst is now rapidly becoming a squad that the rest of the league looks up to. It might even become the roadmap on how to rebuild if further strides are made next season.