Grading Carolina Panthers positions on offense after busy 2023 offseason

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB group

Now to finally address the elephant in the room. The biggest story of the offseason. The Carolina Panthers quarterback room.

The Panthers did what momentum suggested by taking Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Much has been said about the former Heisman Trophy winner's size and how that will translate to the NFL. With good reason after the recent struggles of Kyler Murray and how Johnny Manzel worked out in the pros.

However, the skills are there for all to see. The football IQ and leadership alone are enough for Young to at least be given a chance to start. Once you add on the arm talent and running ability, there was really no other choice to be made.

While the addition of Andy Dalton in free agency seemed like an odd move at the time after how the veteran's tenure with the New Orleans Saints went, that has proven to be a shrewd bit of business. He can now mentor Young, teaching the young signal-caller what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

With that said, no one should expect Young to thrive from the moment he takes the field in Week 1. Any player needs time to learn and that is wholly evident with quarterbacks especially.

Just take how different the careers of Sam Darnold and Patrick Mahomes have been. One could make the argument that the current NFL MVP wouldn't be the player he is without the ability to sit behind a veteran and learn for a year.

  • Post Draft Grade: C
  • This is not a move for the present. The addition of Young does not drastically change where the Panthers stand today, but give it a year or so and we could be hoisting a trophy.

    The team, for now, is still standing squarely in the middle of the pack. That could all change once the guard changes and the new era in Carolina begins.