Grading every Carolina Panthers pick from the 2024 NFL Draft

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Carolina Panthers drafted Trevin Wallace

  • Linebacker | Kentucky Wildcats
  • Round No. 3 | No. 76 overall

Dan Morgan's made no secret of his desire to find the player with those qualities he values so highly as a former player. He's looking to reestablish the proud culture that made the Carolina Panthers a force to be reckoned with once upon a time. He wants the logo to be feared and every NFL team to know that they're going to get a fight every time they step onto the gridiron.

This isn't going to happen overnight, but Morgan has done a good job of stripping everything down and removing any players he feels don't fit into this newfound ethos. He also had a type during his first NFL Draft as general manager looking at the selections made across a frantic three days.

Trevin Wallace was a surprising pick for the Panthers at No. 72 overall. The linebacker projects to be a depth piece behind Shaq Thompson and Josey Jewell initially, but there's a chance for the Kentucky prospect to refine his craft en route to filling starting responsibilities in the coming years.

Wallace is aggressive, fast, and physical. He impressed those in power considerably throughout the pre-draft evaluation process and is a well-rounded defender with enough size and length to play a significant role on special teams while working on other areas of his game.

This aggression can sometimes be his undoing. Wallace gambles with running angles too much, which can leave him exposed to quick changes in direction. Carolina's coaching staff must also work on the player's gap discipline in running situations before confidence in placing him on the defensive rotation increases.

Draft Grade: C+

Wallace is a talented player, there's no getting away from that. How he adjusts in the weeks and months ahead will dictate his short-term aspirations and potentially provide a better indication of long-term goals. But if Morgan likes him, there needs to be a level of trust attached given his knowledge of the linebacker position.