Head coach vacancy power rankings: Where do the Carolina Panthers stand?

Is the Carolina Panthers head coach vacancy at all desirable?

David Tepper
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5. Washington Commanders

All indications point to the Washington Commanders cleaning house at the end of the season. They hastily hired Ron Rivera a few years ago when he was let go by the Carolina Panthers. His second head coaching tenure has not gone well.

Frankly, I think he's an overrated head coach and simply not someone you want to lead your team. A notion Josh Harris' ownership group also agrees with based on multiple reports about his bleak future.

During his four-year tenure with Washington, the Commanders have gone 26-37-1 with one playoff appearance in 2020. He's never had a winning record in D.C. and was not able to oversee getting a franchise quarterback in the building.

Panthers fans likely think highly of Rivera. He helped lead the team to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance in 2015. Since that year, he's had one winning season as a head coach. Not good.

The Commanders' roster isn't very good. They don't have much at quarterback and boast an extremely porous defense. Their general manager Martin Mayhew is also likely going to be shown the door, but what exactly is appealing about this job?

Washington has been dysfunctional for years. There is no indication that changes in 2024 and beyond despite Harris being in charge.