Making the case for Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich in 2024

Is there a case to bring Frank Reich back in 2024?
Frank Reich
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Frank Reich's prior success is encouraging

Frank Reich didn't come out of nowhere to take over as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. He's got a very solid track record of offensive success and quarterback development.

For any franchise, the quarterback is the single most important player on the roster. Without one, a team simply won't win.

Sure, teams can win games with and despite non-franchise quarterbacks like Kenny Pickett and Mac Jones. But to consistently win, a prolific performer under center is needed.

Reich's accomplishments on the offensive side of the ball need to be looked at. There aren't many coaches - coordinator or otherwise - who have been in charge of as much success on offense as he has had.

From 2014-2015, he was the offensive coordinator of the then-San Diego Chargers. During those two years, Philip Rivers threw for 60 touchdowns and more than 9,000 yards. He was a highly productive passer under Reich.

From 2016-2017, Reich was the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, largely being credited with the development of Carson Wentz and coaching the offense to the No. 16-ranked scoring unit in his rookie season. They went up to No. 3 in 2017, the year they won the Super Bowl with Nick Foles under center.

That was enough for Reich to be hired as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. In three of his first four years, his offenses ranked at least No. 9 in scoring, and Andrew Luck won NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2018.

Remember, Luck missed all of the 2017 season, so what Reich was able to do with the former No. 1 pick is nothing short of sensational.

Reich also took on two reclamation projects at quarterback in 2020 and 2021 with Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz. Both quarterbacks had arguably the worst years of their careers and looked like they were long gone as passers before joining the Colts. Yet, the Panthers' figurehead had the formula to bring both back to efficiency.

What would all of this have to do with Bryce Young?

To me, Reich's prior success shows he knows how to build and execute an offense. He's also developed quarterbacks before and has worked with both young and old passers.

Even though it doesn't look pretty now, I think there is a case to keep Reich as head coach of the Panthers in 2024. Whether David Tepper offers such leniency is another matter.