NFL writer fans flames over Carolina Panthers international opponent

The beat writer named two potential options.
Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

No official confirmation about the NFL's schedule release has been confirmed as yet. The Carolina Panthers and others around the league already know which teams they'll be competing against during their first campaign under head coach Dave Canales, but the structure of their regular-season calendar has yet to be determined.

It won't be much longer before everyone associated with the Panthers finds out. There's also the added intrigue of an international game this year, with the Allianz Arena - home of German Bundesliga powerhouses FC Bayern Munich - set to host Canales' men in 2024.

Carolina Panthers might face NY Giants or Cardinals in Germany

Speculation is rampant about who the Panthers might be taking on abroad as the NFL expands its ever-increasing marketspace and profitability. Joe Person of The Athletic fanned the flames regarding the possibility of either the New York Giants or Arizona Cardinals being the choice. He also highlighted a potential date that could coincide with a prominent German festivity in Munich.

"There was some thought early on it might be the Chiefs. But Kansas City played in Frankfurt last year, and it’s doubtful the Panthers would want to give up a home game against one of the NFL’s premier teams. Keep an eye on the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals as possible opponents for the game in Munich’s Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich. Both teams are non-division foes that are not considered playoff contenders. As far as when the game will be played, the first three NFL games in Germany were in weeks 9 or 10. If history holds, that would fall after Munich’s famed Oktoberfest, which this year rages from Sept. 21 to Oct. 6."

Whether it's the Giants or Cardinals, the Panthers might feel confident about securing victory if everything clicks right away under Canales' guidance. Having the game during Oktoberfest is just the icing on the cake for fans planning to make the trip.

International games can sometimes become a hindrance for teams, even though there is a bye week immediately after. But this is all part of the NFL's strategic marketing tactics to become not just an American superpower but to emerge as one of the worldwide sporting leaders recognized around the globe.

The Panthers wouldn't exactly paint the league in a positive light if last season's struggles rear their ugly head once again. Fortunately, things seem to be looking up under the new regime, although fans have been burned by offseason delusions before.

Dan Morgan and Canales are confident the Panthers can be more competitive next season. The general manager is a little more cautious than the head coach when it comes to ambitions, but taking the wait-and-see approach after wholesale alterations across the board represents the smartest approach from a fan perspective.

The German experience will be a magnificent one for those going. It's one of the most incredible stadiums anywhere in the world and the welcome will be a warm one. But for the Panthers, it should be treated as just another challenge to overcome on their long road back to respectability.

Thankfully, there isn't much longer to wait before speculation becomes something more concrete.

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