Panthers News: Bryce Young, Matt Corral, Anthony Richardson and game day

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers have no Anthony Richardson regret

It was clear from pretty early on that Bryce Young was always the guy. The Carolina Panthers made their bold move to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft with the specific intent of taking the Alabama prospect, although they were through strenuous assessments before centering on the Heisman Trophy winner officially.

Young has done nothing since to convince them it was the wrong call. The quarterback integrated superbly into the organization, got everyone onside quickly, and conducted himself in a manner befitting a franchise signal-caller the Panthers can be proud of.

This was a sentiment echoed by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, who stated that Carolina has no regrets about taking Young over Anthony Richardson, who also impressed them enormously during their pre-draft process.

"The [Carolina] Panthers set their sights on [Bryce] Young months before the draft, and when they traded with Chicago to secure the No. 1 pick, they challenged themselves to find a reason not to take him. They didn't find one (even though Anthony Richardson thoroughly impressed in the process). Months later, the Panthers have zero regrets. There's definitely a feeling they got the right guy, because of his makeup, character and ability to process information."

Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Young was the most pro-ready, the most intelligent, and had the highest floor. The pick was obvious from some way out, but Richardson could be absolutely anything if he's given the time to develop and put his exceptional physical attributes together.