Panthers News: Injuries, captains, Brian Burns and Bryce Young

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers get measuring stick for Brian Burns deal

Brian Burns hitting the practice field on Wednesday came with an enormous sense of relief from fans. However, no new deal has been confirmed as yet as the Carolina Panthers try to slow-play things with their best all-around weapon.

This is causing unnecessary distractions during game week and coming with some criticism from sections of the fanbase who want this situation resolved. A recent development elsewhere also means the Panthers have no more excuses not to work something out.

Nick Bosa's long-running saga with the San Francisco 49ers finally came to a satisfactory conclusion. The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year penned a whopping extension that works out at around $34 million per season - something that represents a new measuring stick for players like Burns as part of their own negotiations.

The Panthers lost all their leverage from the moment they turned down a mammoth trade offer from the Los Angeles Rams. Leaving the extension this long is costing them more, but head coach Frank Reich once again praised the former Florida State star via Carolina's website for putting the team first amid all the proverbial chaos.

"I've been a part of a lot of different situations as a player and as a coach. I'm just interested in what's best for the team and for the player; I think those things can both be true. You understand both sides of the equation. That's how I feel. To Brian's credit, he hasn't made himself a distraction. I respect him a lot for the way he's handled that. He's done everything he can to not make himself a distraction to this team. And that's just evidence to the kind of leader he is."

Frank Reich via

If something doesn't get resolved over the next couple of days, we have a real problem. Burns clearly doesn't want to sit out, but his good faith in the franchise hasn't been reciprocated as yet, which is really disappointing.