Predicting the Carolina Panthers next four games after 0-4 start in 2023

Things are not looking good for the Carolina Panthers...
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers vs. Colts - Week 9

One rookie quarterback after another.

Soon after C.J. Stroud's departure from Bank of America Stadium, attention will quickly turn to Anthony Richardson and the Indianapolis Colts in Week 9. This is another chance for Bryce Young to prove he was the correct choice at No. 1 overall against a signal-caller taken three spots later.

Had it not been Young, then the Carolina Panthers might have gambled on Richardson's unique upside rather than go with the sure thing in Stroud. We'll never know, but the former Florida star presents some difficult challenges to overcome given the dual-threat capabilities he brings to the table.

The Cam Newton comparisons are obvious, if a little unfair to the first-year-pro. Richardson's electrifying running out of the backfield coupled with some eye-catching arm strength looks as advertised during the pre-draft process, but accuracy is an issue and entirely expected considering his lack of experience.

This is something the Panthers' defense can take advantage of. But there is also the small matter of running back Jonathan Taylor to contend with if the Colts don't end up trading him before the 2023 deadline.

Prediction: Win (2-6)

This might be the eternal optimist in me talking, but if the Panthers can win their opening two games coming after the bye, it's a solid foundation from which to build for the rest of 2023. It's also a sign some concessions have been made behind the scenes to finally get this franchise trending in the right direction.