Predicting the Carolina Panthers next four games after 1-7 start in 2023

It's been a horror show up to now...

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Carolina Panthers vs. Cowboys - Week 11

The NFL is relentless - especially when there is seemingly no hope. This sport has a gift for kicking bad teams when they're down, which is exactly what could occur in Week 11 when the high-profile Dallas Cowboys come to town.

It would be a shock if there weren't more Cowboys fans than Carolina Panthers supporters in the stands at Bank of America Stadium for this one. They travel well and the home team's dismal run of form is seeing fans vote with their feet and not bother to spend hard-earned money on such an abysmal football product.

Dallas always gets more media attention than any other. This comes with ridiculous hype they haven't quite lived up to for the best part of three decades, but their efforts so far this season put them among the NFC's frontrunners despite suffering a narrow loss at the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9.

This is a test of epic proportions for the Panthers. They will be heavy underdogs, but it should at least provide them with an extra sense of freedom to try new things without fear of many repercussions given that nobody is expecting them to come away victorious.

Prediction: Loss (1-9)

Nobody with any sense would predict anything other than a Cowboys win. These are two teams on completely different trajectories right now, so it would be the upset of the season if Frank Reich's men pulled it off.