Ranking the 5 most important games on Carolina Panthers 2024 schedule

Are these the most important games on the Carolina Panthers 2024 schedule?
Dave Canales
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4. Carolina Panthers vs. NY Giants - Week 10

The Carolina Panthers have the pleasure (or misfortune) of playing in front of the German crowd when they travel to the Allianz Arena for a Week 10 international contest. The game will be nationally televised, and they'll have an easier opponent in the New York Giants to take on.

If nothing else, the Panthers must not embarrass themselves during this trip. Playing a clean, competitive game on this stage could help turn the tide. There's also the Brian Burns factor that could complicate matters given how motivated he'll be to get one on the team that traded him this offseason.

It could help end the Panthers being the butt of NFL jokes. They could lose this game in Week 10 but still play a solid game.

To be fair to Carolina, this is a young, inexperienced squad that has a ton of new faces on both sides of the ball. Simply playing sound fundamental football and not getting blown out would be a win.

3. Carolina Panthers vs. Chiefs - Week 12

Keeping things tight against the two-time defending Super Bowl champions is huge. No one would expect the Carolina Panthers to win this game, which is a huge advantage. The underdog mentality is a thing, and during Week 12, it could be a tale of two teams.

However, it could also be a matchup of teams that might be closer than originally thought. The Panthers are nowhere near the Kansas City Chiefs right now, but what if they do have a winning record heading into this clash?

Defeating the Chiefs nonetheless could be a huge stepping stone in the Dave Canales era. It could fuel Carolina down the stretch en route to a potentially surprising record.

The Panthers would be coming off their bye week at this point, so they'd be well-rested. It could be a signature win in 2024 for Carolina if they were able to beat the NFL's latest dynasty.