Ranking Carolina Panthers' last 10 first-round NFL Draft picks

Some have worked out. Others, not so much...

Christian McCaffrey
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3. D.J. Moore - Former Carolina Panthers WR

  • Wide Receiver | Maryland Terrapins
  • No. 24 overall | 2018 NFL Draft

D.J. Moore became the epitome of doing more with less during his time with the Carolina Panthers. Even so, those in power deemed the wide receiver expendable in their quest to solve the quarterback position once and for all.

Despite gaining 5,201 receiving yards and 21 touchdowns over five seasons in Carolina with no stable quarterback production whatsoever, he was included in the trade package with the Chicago Bears that surged them up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Panthers felt like they had enough pass-catchers to compensate for his departure. They were wrong.

Moore was bitter initially, which served as extra motivation en route to a career year in Chicago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing to have, but this was a grave error in judgment.

2. Derrick Brown - Carolina Panthers DL

  • Defensive Line | Auburn Tigers
  • No. 7 overall | 2020 NFL Draft

Derrick Brown took a season to get going, but his production after that has been nothing short of superb. The formidable defensive lineman took his game to new heights in 2023 en route to becoming one of the very few positives from an otherwise moribund season littered with underachievement.

Brown was more dominant than ever, breaking the NFL's single-season tackle record for interior defensive linemen. He made the Pro Bowl and if the Carolina Panthers had sense, they would make extending the former Auburn standout one of their biggest remaining priorities to avoid further complications in the coming months.

The best thing about Brown is the fact he's only going to get better. That's a scary prospect for offensive linemen league-wide.