Top 6 Carolina Panthers in franchise history ranked according to ChatGPT

Cam Newton
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3. Luke Kuechly - Former Carolina Panthers LB

When the Carolina Panthers snapped up a highly athletic linebacker by the name of Luke Kuechly at No. 9 overall in the 1012 NFL Draft, many viewed it as a head-scratcher considering their strength at the defensive second level. What came next was eight seasons of remarkable production that elevated the player into one of the team's best ever.

Kuechly wasted little time in making his presence felt. His exceptional preparation, high football IQ, elite-level processing, and out-of-this-world athleticism were formidable propositions to overcome, which brought NFL Defensive Rookie and Defensive Player of the Year awards in consecutive seasons to kick off his career.

The former Boston College sensation was the beating heart of Carolina's imposing defense. Kuechly's instincts, ability to inspire, and willingness to leave everything on the field won't soon be forgotten by anyone that had the privilege of seeing him play - something that also brought five All-Pro nods and seven Pro Bowl selections.

When Kuechly was forced to retire after the 2019 season to preserve his long-term health, the outpouring of grief across the fanbase was evident. Many are hoping he goes down the coaching route in the future, even if seeing him at peace after everything he gave the Panthers is the most satisfying thing.

There have been few better at the middle linebacker position than Keuchly. Something that could see the player become a Pro Football Hall of Famer in the not-too-distant future.