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When I had initially broken the news, it was a rumor at the time. However, when the rumor comes straight from the horse’s mouth — especially considering the good-character of person Chris Harris is — I had no choice but to take his word as fact.

Later in the afternoon, he tweeted “Oops, the trade’s not official yet, but I’ll let you know on my Facebook page.

Well, it is now official; Chris Harris has been traded to the Chicago Bears — back to where he began his career.

So what did we get in trade? (Cue the sarcasm) Oh, you’re going to love this!

In exchange for Harris, the Panthers receive linebacker Jamar Williams. I haven’t read up much on Williams, because I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams the Panthers would be trading Harris back to Chicago for a no-name linebacker.

I heard back from one of my sources, that basically Carolina just traded away a very good safety for “a career special-teams player who has been forced into action due to injuries.”

Darin Gantt of The Charlotte Observer said via his Twitter page, “Williams gives the Panthers something they lacked: A legitimate backup MLB, though he’s primarily a WLB. Good special teams player too.” In addition, he also stated earlier, that the Bears were desperate for a starting safety.

The former Sun Devil is 25, and his stat sheet leaves a lot to be desired, even though “stats are for losers.”

I suppose one hand washes the other, and since the Panthers aren’t interested in 30+ year-old “has beens,” Adalius Thomas was out of the question.

The only other thought I have, is who’s next?

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  • Shea Johnson

    Eric, Jamar Williams is actually a pretty solid linebacker. Most would argue that the only reason he never found the field was because of the surplus of good linebackers on the Bears roster.

    In fact, a few years ago — you know, when the 49ers thought they had Lance Briggs in the bag — the Bears were more-than-content in knowing Williams would become the new weakside linebacker.

    I’ve always felt kind of sorry for the guy; he never had ample opportunities to show what he can do. Even last year, we favored Nick Roach over him when Urlacher and Pisa went down, even though they’re similar talents.

    As a Bears fan, I would venture out to guess Williams will surprise you and be a pretty worthwhile starter for years to come.

    Sorry for the essay. That is all.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Shea, thank you for the input. That all sounds good to me. I look forward to seeing what Williams contributes in preseason and regular season, if they decide to use him at weakside.

      Although having read your blog post about the trade (nice blog, by the way), I am a bit skeptical of what you’re blogging partner had to say about Williams.

      “Jamar Williams will be headed to Carolina and that’s fine with me. He came in and was supposed to eventually take over for Briggs but never was able to prove to the coaches that he could play the position well enough. He got ample opportunities last year but was way too inconsistent. Good luck in Carolina, sir.”

      But one of your readers gives me a glimmer of hope, as well as what you offered in your comment.

      “I like Williams. I think he’s got tremendous talent and potential and proved last year in limited time that he can be a force in this league. He just got the bad luck of getting onto a VERY good Bears LB core. Remember that Hillenmeyer is the weakest member of this core, and he could probably start at either MLB or WSLB for about a half dozen teams in this league. The fact that he isn’t starting for the Bears says a ton about the rest of the talent here. I would’ve been happier giving up Roach, as I think he’s got less overall talent than Williams, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

      Thanks again for the insight.

  • BearsFan

    I’m a Bear’s fan and I can tell you that Jamar Williams showed himself to be a very good linebacker in Chicago, but linebacker is the Bears’ deepest position, with Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Pisa Tinoisamoa, Hunter Hillenmeyer, etc. So I don’t think you should consider him a special teams specialist. There’s a good chance that he’ll be a quality starting linebacker for you.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      Thank you BearsFan, I hope to be in agreement with you! Thank you for the insight.

  • Rico

    I’m from Chicago, and follow the Bears closely. Jamar Williams can play. When he got the opportunity to start last year (due to injury), he made plays and led the team in tackles. When you back up Lance Briggs, it’s hard to get on the field, but when he did, he did good. So I think the Panther fans are going to like the trade come September. As a Bear fan, I love getting Chris Harris back, I just wish we could of given up Hillenmyer in the trade instead.

    • Eric Quackenbush

      I trust Bears fans’ opinion from what they’ve seen from Williams. I look forward to seeing what he brings for us in Carolina. I know I loved when we got the Hitman from Chicago. Hate to see him go, but I’m at least happy he’s going somewhere he wanted to go back to.

      Thanks for the read and nice comment, Rico! Visit anytime!

  • Panthers Jerseys

    I think that Jamar was not able to prove himself to be at the top yet he had contributed to the teams’ victory. Although they may have traded someone better (Chris Harris), they still have someone that is badly needed on their own.

  • Joe Leventis

    I think Jamar Williams will win the open linebacker position. Check out his stats he had against St. Louis (even though they are awful) when he got his chance to start. He had like 18 tackles. Its hard to get any playing time backing up Lance Briggs though. Give this one a chance especially since Sherod Martin played so good in Harris’s absence as a rookie