Fill in the Blank


Somebody, quick!  Shake us out of our slumber!  I can’t remember when I was ever so bored with the quiet and the dullness of the offseason.  I mean where’s the news?  Where are the good dramas?  Not even a good controversy?

Time to Fill in the Blank!

By now, you’ve probably already heard that Dan Morgan retired.  We covered it yesterday.  Shoot, it’s the story just below this one.  Just scroll down a little bit.

The Gaston Gazette says that Tyler “The Nutcracker” Brayton is hoping for a fresh start in Charlotte.

Just about the only thing the Carolina Panthers are up to is signing a quarterback who probably won’t make the team.  His name is Lester Ricard.

The Rock Hill Herald tells us about the Panthers’ cornerbacks.

The Charlotte Observer ran an intersting piece on the life and times of Curtis Whitley.

Did somebody say that the Panthers have beefed up for a Super Bowl run?

Fox Sports’ own John Czarnecki has listed his five teams that may have made super improvements.

Continue reading for other ineteresting tidbits from around the league.

NFC South

The Falcons seem to have a full-blown quarterback controversy on their hands.

Did the Saints locate another Marques Colston in the draft?

The Buccaneers are expecting Warrick Dunn to have a big role with the team this year.

NFC East

One of the Cowboys is being sued by a PR firm.

Eagles fans are remembering the glory days of Koy Detmer.

There is much Redskins news to be told, apparently.

NFC North

In what could wind up being one of the strangest stories of the offseason, the Lions are cursing their fans.

The Packers have a question or two to answer at tight end.

One person seems to think that Viking’s QB Tarvaris Jackson is ready.

NFC West

The Cardinals are going to honor Aeneas Williams.

Did the Rams win the Super Bowl?

Is there a third-stringer emerging as the starter for the Niners?

AFC East

The Bills might soon be stuffing the pockets of Lee Evans.

Dolphins’ defensive end Jason Taylor has literally danced his way to a new image.

The Jets QB battle could be like playing rock, paper, scissors.

AFC North

Ravens fans really aren’t feeling the love.

It might be time to call out the Bengals for ineptitude.

The Browns have some questions at cornerback.

There’s a Steelers fan out there happy about some shoes.

AFC South

The Titans have some new rookies and some of them were at the rookie photo shoot.

AFC West

Who knew chili could be so popular among Broncos fans?

Chiefs fans might be wondering if Tim Krumrie might kick some of their players around.

Video can prove it’s dangerous to be a Raiders fan.

Soemtimes, the offseason means staring endlessly at your schedule if you’re a Chargers fan.