Legends and Carolina Panthers Join Cam Newton for a Fun Afternoon



One of the greatest things you can show someone.  Respect comes in all different formats and one of the most powerful ways to show respect is through being supportive of someone else either through comments are attending an event, demonstrating a backing of what that person believes.

Cam Newton surely knows how to demand respect not only through his team, but through NFL Legends

Credit: Chris Schafer

and community members.  This translated into the first annual “Kick It With Cam! Celebrity Kickball Tournament” powered by OrthoCarolina on Friday afternoon at BB&T Ballpark.

Local businesses and key community members engaged on teams to battle celebrities, along with members of the Carolina Panthers, to see who is the best.

However, one of the most recognizable aspects of the event, was that NFL Legends and those not with the Panthers, took part as well.  This demonstrates the respect Cam has throughout the league and his circle.  Very few individuals, especially those as young as Cam, in the league, can draw a roster of NFL Legends consisting of Bo Jackson, Randy Moss and Eddie George.  Not to mention Steve Smith took part as well, showing his Carolina roots.

These NFL greats displayed the respect for Cam and for Cam’s cause through his Cam Newton

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Foundation and “Every 1 Matters”.  Here, Cam has incorporated three aspects:

1. “Every 1 Learns” – giving every child the opportunity to learn in the classroom

Credit: Chris Schafer

2. “Every 1 Plays” – teaching the value of physical fitness, teamwork and dedication to carry on in
everyday life
3. “Every 1 Gives” – emphasizes and encourages volunteerism to develop impactful and significant holiday outreach programs brightening the spirits of those in need.

Most charities have one cause, but Cam has gone above and beyond to give back and help in any possible way those around him.  This push to give to others and make sure others are taken care of properly and have the same opportunity Cam has is reason why others want to be involved with Cam and show him