Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson’s Call to Duty


Tragedy is one of the worse things that can ever happen to an individual, a family, or a community.  Tragedy can happen in many different ways and forms.  Tragedy could be brought on by nature, accident, or even worse if it is due to another individual.  Nobody ever wants to see tragedy brought on by another individual.

But how do we overcome tragedy?  By bonding together and continually moving forward through actions, commitment and dedication to strive for resolve.

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This past Wednesday, the entire community of Charleston, SC faced a tragedy due to one individual who decided to take the lives, through gunfire, of nine innocent individuals at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC.

Yesterday, Friday, June 19th, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson took a step to help the families of the nine victims, as well as the Episcopal Church and the entire community of Charleston, SC, by donating $100,000.00.

Richardson addressed a letter to Rep. Bakari Sellers (D), outlining the donation.  Sellers is the South Carolina lawmaker leading the fundraising efforts for the nine victims who tragically lost their lives in this attack.  In the letter to Sellers, Richardson made it a point to call out the names of the nine victims and informed Sellers each family would receive $10,000.00 to go toward financial needs of each family and funeral costs associated with each victim.  Richardson also donated $10,000.00 to the Episcopal Church for a memorial honoring the victims in the shooting.

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Once again, an act by Jerry Richardson that shows his inner character – thinking of others in a time of tragedy as an action to get to a resolve of the terrible event.  Richardson has always made it a point that the Panthers represent both North Carolina and South Carolina – the team stands for each state.

However, few people have this in their heart to do something like this, but all NFL team owners should follow Richardson’s lead and also donate $100,000.00 – $10,000.00 to the family of each victim and $10,000.00 to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Although the tragedy has nothing to do with the NFL, all owners should bond together for resolve of this tragedy.