Carolina Panthers quick roar


How many of the fans out there play fantasy football?  I would be willing to bet almost half, wait that is way low, I would say almost 100% of the fans reading this play some sort of fantasy football.  It might be in a league with friends, or a league at work.  Either way, anyone who plays fantasy football want to win their league not only because there might be a prize of cash, but bragging rights are the main factor.

So when you are selecting the players, do you target players from your favorite team, or the best player.  Some guys do it both ways, but by selecting players from your favorite team and hope to win your league it might be hard.  Check out who you should draft from the Carolina Panthers.

Also, a lot of times a player emerges in training camp nobody would ever guess would have an impact on the team and make the roster.  Read below as to who might be the one who surprisingly makes the final roster for the Carolina Panthers in the 2015 season.

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Will you take these players on your fantasy team? – from D.J. Foster of FOX Sports

The Carolina Panthers have very legitimate players at almost every offensive position that might be a good selection for your fantasy team.  In regards to the defense of the Carolina Panthers, not many are better as a whole, or as individuals.  So if you play fantasy football in an IDP league on defense, or as a defensive team, check out the thoughts on the Panthers.  Also, see if you are confident taking an offensive player from the Carolina Panthers to lead your fantasy team to the championship.

Thoughts on Brandon Wegher – from Randy Inman of

On Friday night Brandon Wegher not only introduced himself to the fans of the Buffalo Bills by scoring the game winning touchdown for the Carolina Panthers, he also introduced himself to most of fans for the Carolina Panthers.  But will he make final cuts?