Panthers News: Cam Newton willing to accept backup role in 2020

(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) Cam Newton /

The Carolina Panthers news on Cam Newton’s release has been following by intense speculation, which has taken another twist according to NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport.

There has been intense speculation surrounding the future of Cam Newton following the Carolina Panthers news regarding his release. This seems to be changing with every passing day as the player continues to weigh up his options.

It has been reported that Newton was not willing to accept a backup role with the limited starting positions available to him. This would allow the player to bide his time and wait for a possible contender that suffers an injury at quarterback to make him an offer during the season.

However, this is not the case according to Ian Rappaport of NFL Network. The insider claims that Newton has now reconsider his initial opinion and is willing to land one of the prime backup jobs available, providing there is sufficient interest.

Speaking on NFL Network, Rappaport had this to say.

"“We have seen some high-profile free agents (Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton) get prime backup jobs, and now the focus shifts to Cam Newton and where he might land. The thought process was that he wants to be a starter and as a former MVP he should be a starter. But the reality is there are no jobs available. This has resulted in a change of philosophy and Newton has not ruled out taking a backup job in the right situation. The fact is right now he only has two choices…either take a backup job right now or wait till a starter gets injured, which may or may not happen.”"

The Panthers news regarding Newton’s release came with very strange timing and left the player with few options to get under center on opening day in 2020. If the player is finally rid of the injury problems that have blighted him throughout his final two seasons in Carolina. Then there is little doubt he is an upgrade over most other starters in the league.

One problem that Newton has is the lack of ability for interested teams to conduct their own medical examinations due to social distancing measures relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Until things go back to some semblance of normal, then it appears unlikely anyone will be willing to take a chance without the right information.

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This is the latest twist on what seems to be an ever-changing saga involving Newton, who was selected No. 1 overall by the Panthers in 2011 and when on to attain 29,041 passing yards, 182 touchdowns, 108 interceptions, 4,806 rushing yards, and 58 touchdowns on the ground during his time with the franchise.