Adam Schefter: Cam Newton won’t be signed until physical permitted

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may not be signed until a team can give him a physical, according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter.

Cam Newton could see things speed up regarding a possible new destination after his release by the Carolina Panthers. He has remained on the free-agent scrapheap for almost three months after his acrimonious departure from the organization.

Although things look bleak for the 2015 NFL MVP in terms of starting options elsewhere. There does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel with teams now reopening facilities in the wake of the current climate. This might come with the league allowing medical assessments and workouts relating to possible free-agent arrivals.

Given the severity of Newton’s foot and shoulder injuries during his final two seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Any interested party is right to share on the side of caution when he comes to taking a gamble on the signal-caller.

According to ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter, the likelihood of Newton getting signed becomes more realistic the closer training camp gets. But outlined it would be hard for the player to make a move until a physical is conducted.

“The closer we get to camp and the more realistic it is for players to start taking physicals for teams, that’s when we’re going to start to hear something on Cam Newton. Until that happens, it’s going to be hard for Cam Newton to make a move. Cam probably has adjusted and gotten used to the idea that he’s not going to land the type of contract he wants. He’s not going to land the type of open starting job that he wants. I think there will be opportunity for him, but I think teams would like to see that physical get done.”

What does former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton have to show during a physical?

Teams will rightfully have concerns about Cam Newton’s health despite his social media workout posts. He was subject to some tremendous punishment during his time with the Carolina Panthers. And just how much that has impacted his style of play will be a big factor in any physical.

Obviously the foot and shoulder injuries will generate the most attention. Newton will need to prove that these problems are behind him. But he did pass a physical in Carolina prior to his release.

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That will stand him in good stead with any would-be suitor in the coming weeks. However, Newton will also be the subject of a rigorous on-field workout to give teams a scope into things such as mobility, arm strength, and accuracy.

If he can pass these tests with flying colors, then it will ultimately come with multiple offers. What will be important for Newton is finding the right scheme fit in addition to a spot that gives him a realistic chance of competing for a starting position.

It promises to be an intriguing few weeks for those that are following Newton’s fortunes after his prolific time with the Panthers came to an end. What comes next for the organization and the player will go a long way to determining just who comes out of this bitter situation in a better light.

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