Panthers: How would salaries on offense look with 35% escrow?

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) David Tepper
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) David Tepper /
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David Tepper, Carolina Panthers
(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) David Tepper /

What would the salaries of offensive players with the Carolina Panthers look like with the proposed escrow cuts proposed by the NFL in 2020?

The NFL has made a recommendation to the NFLPA that players should take a 35 percent escrow reduction in their 2020 salaries due to the financial impact surrounding the current climate. This has been met with derision by leading figures across the league. And it is something that could impact members of the Carolina Panthers considerably.

Although this money will be paid back by the billionaire owners once the NFL gets back on its feet, so to speak. It still represents a significant sacrifice from players that could result in a revolt if social media reaction is any indication. There are plenty on the Carolina Panthers who go into 2020 on short-term deals and without any substantial earnings so far during their careers.

It would be a huge surprise if this proposal wasn’t thrown out. Owners are generally multi-billionaires and in the case of Carolina’s David Tepper, he is reported to have amassed a wealth of around $12.7 billion.

This doesn’t really give them a leg to stand on when it comes to asking players to take an escrow until the current situation becomes clearer. They might lose income from gat receipts if the NFL decides to ban fans from the stands. But TV money is their main source of revenue anyway.

We took a look at prominent members of the Panthers’ offense and how their base salaries would be impacted by a 35 percent reduction in 2020.

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Carolina Panthers Player No. 1: Russell Okung (OT) – $13 million base – $8.45 million after reduction

Russell Okung is comfortably the Panthers’ highest earner on offense with a $13 million base salary heading into the final year of his deal. This was probably the deciding factor in the team’s decision to trade for the player in exchange for Trai Turner, with this figure set to come in handy during the free agency period in 2021.

There appears to be little doubt that Okung is going to be moved on next spring unless he plays to an extraordinarily high level. The offensive tackle has made $95.48 million during his career. So this reduction wouldn’t have too much impact on the veteran.