What next for Cam Newton after the 2020 season?

(Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton
(Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton /

What comes next for Cam Newton?

The 2020 season is officially over Cam Newton and it is reported that his time with the New England Patriots is also going to come to a halt after just one season. According to ESPN insider Adam Schefter, the organization is planning for life without the signal-caller and will release him prior to free agency.

This was later changed to discussions surrounding the possibility. But if Newton was looking to leave a lasting impression, he certainly did just that in New England’s season final against the New York Jets.

This means Newton could be set for another trip to the free-agent scrapheap just a few short months after he was ruthlessly removed by the Carolina Panthers with very little in the way of starting opportunities elsewhere. The 2015 NFL MVP deserved better and although he did secure a No. 1 role in New England, it wasn’t exactly the best possible position for the veteran to be in.

The Patriots’ lack of weapons on offense is laughable.

But if you listen to some experts, it is all Newton’s fault.

Cam Newton is entering a career crossroads.

Never has there been a quarterback more vilified than Newton. While other players at the position seem to constantly get a pass from the national media, the former Auburn standout bears the brunt of criticism more than most at almost every opportunity.

Tom Brady left New England primarily down to the lack of quality around him.

And this is something Newton was supposed to do better with?

Yes, some of his play should better. But considering Newton is coming off shoulder and foot injuries that blighted his final two years in Carolina and also contracted COVID-19 at his highest point of the campaign, things haven’t been as doom and gloom as some make out.

Newton received plenty of this during his time with the Panthers, so he’ll be used to it.

But should not detract from what a precarious situation he now finds himself in.

There is now more than a high level of concern regarding Newton’s chances of being a starter once again elsewhere in 2021. He doesn’t exactly have the film to convince another team he’s worthy of this. So taking a backup role and proving himself all over again might be the only remaining avenue.

Whether Newton wants to do this is another matter entirely.

This is a former league MVP.

A man who was the Carolina Panthers for so long.

The notion he is backing up anybody just seems absurd. However, this is a realistic proposition, and although the player has stated that he doesn’t want his career to go out like this, holding a clipboard might be even worse.

Perhaps his one remaining salvation might be a familiar face in Washington. It’s no secret of the deep love and respect Newton and Ron Rivera have for each other and given the uncertainty surrounding their quarterback unit in 2021, it’s a move that could be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

This has clearly been a stressful season for Newton. A good period of rest and reflection might be what’s needed for the player before he decides what’s the best move to keep his legacy intact.

It would be a bombshell if he walked away. But one thing is for sure, Newton will want things on his own terms and deserves nothing less.