3 bold predictions for the Panthers remaining 2021 offseason

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Here are some bold predictions for what is sure to be an eventful remainder of the offseason for the Carolina Panthers following the draft.

It’s always fun to speculate about the future, especially with the busy free agency and 2021 NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers had in their pursuit of postseason football next time around.

There’s still a lot of time left in the offseason between OTAs and mandatory minicamps, which means the possibility of roster additions and players coming from nowhere to prove what they’re capable of.

With bold predictions, there’s no promise anything turns out to be true, but based off educated observations here are some home-run predictions for the rest of the offseason with the Panthers.

Bold Prediction No. 1

Joe Brady will fix Sam Darnold

This may not seem like a bold prediction, but based on Sam Darnold‘s career to this point, it has to be. Whether you love or hate the decision to bring him to Carolina, we can all agree he was borderline average at best with the New York Jets.

Some of this can be blamed on the terrible supporting cast the Jets surrounded him with, but Darnold still made some head-scratching reads that you don’t want your franchise guy making.

A career 45 to 39 touchdown to interception ratio doesn’t exactly boost confidence in Darnold either.

Now that the bad has been addressed, let’s get to the good.

Darnold has continued to show flashes of why he was the No. 3 overall selection in 2018, making some big-time throws that not everyone is capable of. He also possesses solid athleticism and the ability to move around outside the pocket.

The Panthers are banking on getting the best traits out of him.

So how does Joe Brady and the rest of the supporting cast come into play?

Well for starters, Brady has proven he can elevate a quarterback performance. The year before he arrived at LSU, former Heisman winner and current Cincinnati Bengals signal-caller Joe Burrow threw for 16 touchdowns.

Brady got hired as the passing game coordinator, and Burrow threw for 60 scores and went from a mid-round afterthought to the consensus No. 1 overall selection in the process.

The Panthers’ offensive skill players also make what Darnold was working with on the Jets look laughable, and even though Carolina’s offensive line isn’t the greatest at the moment, it’s still better than anything the USC product has ever played with.

With all these factors in play, I truly believe Brady will bring the best out of Darnold.