4 Carolina Panthers players leading a culture shift in 2021

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Which Carolina Panthers players are currently leading a potential culture shift within the organization ahead of the 2021 season?

It’s an exciting time for the Carolina Panthers as they get set for a second season under Matt Rhule. The head coach will accept nothing less than significant improvement next time around after transitioning from the college ranks extremely well in difficult circumstances, which is an encouraging sign after years of mediocrity across the organization.

Rhule places a high demand on his players, which is a complete culture shift from anything the Panthers displayed under previous regimes.

This is something the large majority of the roster bought into right from the outset. Those who didn’t toe the line were shown the door in ruthless fashion.

Team owner David Tepper now has the right people in place, so it would be remiss of the billionaire not to expect some bang for his buck in 2021.

The roster looks more than capable of making some substantial improvements when competitive action gets underway after a strong period of recruitment, which is only enhanced by a more structured preparation period.

Culture is an important word within an organization. All it takes is one bad attitude to upset the apple cart, which could turn success into failure in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, there appears no such dissension within Carolina’s locker room. This is a young, hungry group who are all working towards the same goal and if the coaching staff also shows growth in Year 2, then a potential playoff spot might be in the offing.

Without further ado, here are four Panthers players who are leading Carolina’s culture shift in 2021.