3 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers pursuing David DeCastro

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The benefit to Sam Darnold’s chances

Nobody would be happier with this move than Sam Darnold. The quarterback is looking to put three torrid years with the New York Jets behind him in 2021 and he’ll need plenty of assistance from those in front of him to succeed in a different environment.

Looking at the current options available to the Carolina Panthers, it might end up being something that proves to be Darnold’s demise.

Adding someone like David DeCastro would change all that in an instant. Providing he wants to continue his career with some ankle problems reportedly throwing everything into doubt, his presence on the interior would give Darnold an added confidence that might just make all the difference.

There is a lot that needs to happen before a deal like this gets pulled off.

But if DeCastro did end up on the Panthers, the potential benefits would be significant.

Darnold’s career as a starting signal-caller is hanging by a thread. The Jets did absolutely nothing to bring him along despite taking the USC product at No. 3 overall in 2018, so making the most out of superior talent around him is going to be critical if the player wants to bounce back in the best possible way.

DeCastro is contemplating retirement, which is fine. But he won’t be 32 years old until the season is in full swing and appears to have plenty left in the tank if his ankle gets the all-clear.

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Interior protectors with DeCastro’s resume don’t grow on trees. If the player is willing to listen and continue his standout career, the Panthers should pick up the phone at the earliest possible opportunity.