4 noticeable Panthers changes that could make a big difference in 2022

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Christian McCaffrey
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Christian McCaffrey /
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Which noticeable changes made by the Carolina Panthers could make a big difference during the 2022 season? 

After an offseason full of twists and turns, it’s been refreshing to see the Carolina Panthers finally getting back down to business on the practice field. Players and coaches are currently putting the necessary foundations in place with a view to improved fortunes in 2022, but whether this can be accomplished or not is still up in the air.

The Panthers face a tough schedule next season, so getting off to a fast start will be crucial. Those in power have worked tirelessly behind the scenes regarding recruitment this spring, with many other changes to approach also evident during the early stages of training camp in Spartanburg.

There is enough talent to suggest strides can be made. But how much the Panthers can progress is the million-dollar question nobody knows the answer to right now.

Without further ado, here are four noticeable changes that could make a big difference when competitive action begins in 2022.

Noticeable Change No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Matt Rhule wants more input from Carolina Panthers veterans

It’s evident that Matt Rhule had too much on his plate over his first two seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Asking him to coach and have the final say on personnel changes was a task too steep, even though one would be hard pushed to get that from the former Baylor man publicly.

Rhule has at least acknowledged this with a shift in ethos. He’s looking for veterans within the organization to provide more input, adopting a more player-centered approach that can hopefully reap some significant rewards when push comes to shove.

One cannot ignore the pressure on Rhule in 2022. So any help he can get from those putting on the uniform, the better his and Carolina’s chances will be.