4 surprising factors during first quarter of Panthers 2022 season

(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield and Ben McAdoo
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield and Ben McAdoo /
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Carolina Panthers
(Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield and Ben McAdoo /

Carolina Panthers’ offense is in shambles

After the appointment of Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator and trading for Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns, the Carolina Panthers were rightfully expecting significant strides from their offense in 2022. To say this hasn’t occurred yet would be the biggest understatement imaginable.

While the defense and special teams improve, the offensive side of the football continues to be a weak link. And for once, not much blame can be placed on the protection, which has been outstanding more often than not over the campaign to date.

McAdoo’s scheme is outdated and too predictable. There is almost no pre-snap motion, carelessness when it comes to the utilization of Carolina’s primary weapons, and a distinct lack of creativity during a disastrous opening to 2022.

That’s not to say Mayfield isn’t without blame, either. The former Oklahoma standout is hesitant and there are some serious timing issues that don’t seem to be getting any better week-to-week.

Thankfully, the Panthers have Christian McCaffrey picking up the slack. Even so, this is still one of – if not the worst – offensive unit in the NFL.

This has been something of a surprise considering the personnel available to Carolina. McAdoo is in the firing line in no uncertain terms, but whether or not the play-caller is too set in his ways to make the alternations needed is another matter.