5 burning questions Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 9 at Bengals

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P.J. Walker’s future with the Carolina Panthers

Could P.J. Walker be a legit starter for the Carolina Panthers beyond 2022? – Ryan Antonyraj

Thank you for sending in your question, Ryan.

I would say that it is too early to tell whether or not that would be the case. Though, P.J. Walker starting the 2023 season with a rookie quarterback waiting in the wings doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

I’m hesitant to say a definitive yes or no surrounding Walker’s status as a potential starter for the Carolina Panthers next season. However, the last two contests have been some of the best play I’ve seen at the position since 2018.

Walker is doing something that we just haven’t seen with Baker Mayfield. This is having confidence as a thrower and giving his wide receivers a chance to make plays downfield.

The former XFL MVP candidate is making aggressive but smart throws down the field, which has led to some big plays for the Panthers. Could this last? It’s too early to say.

Maybe the Panthers will get this version of Walker for the rest of the year. Obviously, this would bode well for the franchise moving forward as they look for a new prospect under center through the draft.

Or, maybe Carolina will get the version of Walker that becomes susceptible to turnovers.

I would like to wait and see another couple of games to see if the former Temple star continues to perform at this level. No, he’s not playing great, but he is indeed giving his playmakers an opportunity, something Mayfield wasn’t precisely showing in his first five games as a starter.