4 glaring signs that Panthers current process is working wonders

(Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks
(Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks /
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It’s been a dramatic turnaround for the Carolina Panthers under Steve Wilks, which several glaring signs proving how this current process is working wonders.

After three years of false promises and poor football, things are looking up for the Carolina Panthers at long last. Matt Rhule’s early firing gave interim head coach Steve Wilks a chance to turn this sinking ship around against all odds, a task that seemed impossible given their 1-4 record at the time and trades that sent Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson packing before the deadline.

It would have been easy for Carolina to roll over and accept its fate. But that was not on the table for Wilks, who cares deeply about the franchise and everything it stands for.

Things haven’t been flawless. However, the Panthers currently hold a 3-1 record over their last four games and sit just one game back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers atop the NFC South while also holding all the tiebreakers right now.

What comes next is less certain, even if there is a huge opportunity staring them in the face. Regardless of which way it goes, here are four glaring signs that the process under Wilks is working.

Glaring Sign No. 1

Carolina Panthers
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks /

Carolina Panthers locker room atmosphere

Matt Rhule has long claimed that he never lost the locker room. While that might have been the case publicly, one only has to look at the current atmosphere to see how things are progressing in a positive fashion.

The players are fully on board with Steve Wilks’ methods and hang on to his every word. There is no sugarcoating anything and this is having the desired effect on and off the field.

Restoring the culture, getting rid of the slogans with very little substance, and being a true leader of men. This is the simple yet satisfying approach that’s been nothing short of a revelation.